If the property you are living in is in need of repair and is not deemed safe and suitable for you to live in, then contact us and let our specialists bring a claim against your landlord.


Even if the lease says you’re taking the property as it is and the landlord has no obligation to make repairs, those terms are invalid. A lease cannot override the law. If the landlord doesn’t maintain a liveable rental, you have grounds to sue. It’s probably easier to sue over habitability than emotional distress


We are able to help you if your tenancy is currently with a housing association or council (not with a private landlord)

Water damage

Damp or mould

Damaged or leaking roof or guttering

Broken or rotten windows and doors

Broken bathroom fittings

Internal damage to wallpaper, paint, carpets & curtains

Damage or faulty electrics

Any other damage to your property

Tracker mortgages

Damage to internal gas and water pipe work

Broken appliances that were included in your tenancy

If you have reported any of these repairs to your landlord and they have not been completed in a timely manner, you can claim – ‘No Win -No fee*’.