Tenant & Landlord Dispute

If you are a landlord renting out your property or if you are a tenant living in a rented accommodation, you possess certain rights and obligations. However, the relationship between landlord and tenant can potentially give rise to many legal issues, such as:

Residential Leases

Lease Extensions

Eviction & Possession


Terms of tenancies

Rent review/Arrears

Sub- letting

Repairs and dilapidations

Service charges

Help to Buy mortgages

Health, safety & environmental

Dealing with Local Authorities


Commercial Leases

Terms of Lease

Possession claims



Repairs and dilapidations

Whilst more often than not, tenants and landlords will fulfil their rights and obligations, there is always the possibility of a dispute. In the event of any such matter, our panel consists of specialists who can represent you and try and resolve the situation through dispute resolution negotiations and further strategic tactics.