Vital Info

The number of times we have our panel solicitors flag discrepancies on the day of completion for a matter, causing unnecessary delays and undue stress for all involved.


The reason behind this stress and unhappiness is mainly caused by the lack of transparency and discrepancies when it comes to conveyancing fees and disbursements.


We wont proudly quote to be the cheapest in trying to lure you to instruct us and then for you to receive your final statement at completion from the solicitors with a host of costs which you never knew off!


(Most of these costs are mandatory and have to be paid by the solicitor/conveyancer to the third party, etc; telegraphic transfer costs, electronic land registry fees etc).


We will state every cost that you will be liable for in your personalized quotation and even list any potential costs that could be applicable to your respective case. This keeps you abreast of your financial commitments and provides clarity over what you actually pay.

In essence, what you get quoted for in the beginning is what you will pay in the end.